Solar de Uyuni, Bolivia

We spend in Bolivia literally 4 days, I read so many stories about thieves, killers, accidents there so I was too afraid to stay longer. Thankfully nothing bad happened to us during this short trip. Uyuni was definitely a highlight of our Bolivian adventure. We came there early morning, temperature was around -11 degrees and windows from outside was completely frozen. We had some warm clothes but still, we were freezing out until noon when it got a little bit better. We bought a tour for the whole day as renting a car or a motorbike was not an option. City looked even more poor than the ones in Peru, there was no a proper road or houses. It’s very surprising because they are taking a lot of money for tours and it’s one of the main direction in Bolivia.
The whole trip was nice, you get to see sole flats which have around 15 000 km2, train cemetery and Cactus Island. I’ve never seen something like this before so I was really impressed, it’s definitely worth to go there.
Train Cemetery in Uyuni
Isla Incahuasi, Uyuni

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