North Vietnam on motorbike

Road between Ha Giang and Bao Lac (QL4C)

North of Vietnam is a place definitely worth to go. It is much more interesting than central Vietnam. You can find there high mountains – around 3000m, rice fields and many other things. The best way to go there is on a motorbike so you don’t have to depend on anything on anyone. You can stop whenever you want when during bus tour you don’t have that option.
It takes around 3 weeks to finish the whole loop – its 2000km, depends how many km per day you want to go.
I bought my motorbike in Hanoi from very honest and helpful Vietnamese guy. You can find a lot of places where you can rent or buy a bike, but be careful, not everyone is so honest about the price. To go to his facebook page click here

Roads in North Vietnam are mostly good. But get ready for a lot of turns and crazy drivers on the way! If they are going fast they will go on your side leaving you a tiny space to fit in. The main road is not always the best one when its about landscapes . The best rice fields I saw surprisingly not in Sapa but on the road between Lao Cai and Coc Pai.

Small guide of the best places to go through while doing your North Vietnam loop. You can easily find a place to sleep in cities below.

1. Mai Chau 

2. Son La

3. Dien Bien Phu

4. Lai Chau

5. Sapa

6. Lao Cai

7. Coc Pai

8. Viet Quang

9. Ha Giang

10. Bao Lac

11. Cao Bang

12. Ban Gioc

13. That Khe

14. Lang Son

15. Ha Long Bay

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